‘Sup. I’m Mia, and here is where I brain dump.

I’ve had my hand in blogging for many years now. Not any of them were successful because I was always far too lazy to upkeep them. Probably isn’t going to change this time around either but it’s nice to have a place where I can spill what’s going on in my mind.

I usually write about anything from vidya games, books, movies, lifestyle, and anything else I like or have my mind on.

Other than that, hey, thanks for stopping by. You’re awesome. If I could, I’d give you an epic high-five in slow-motion and everything.

About the Blogger
+Meandering 20-something year old attempting to find some foothold in life
+Still in school (because I could never make up my mind) as an undergrad in Computer Science
+Gamer, writer, worrier, and full-time asshole



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